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Uncovering the 5 Biggest Myths & Facts about GATE Examination!

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) Examination is conducted every year at the national level.

Lakhs of aspirants appeared in the exam for admission into post-graduation programs such as M.E, M.Tech or Phd. Students strive to secure higher score in the GATE exam as much possible for securing jobs in Private or Public sector.

Because of the several misconception as well as fear of failure, many of the students don’t even apply try to apply for it.

In reality, it is nothing but anxiety!

However, there’re number common myths about the GATE Exam that can put in the scenario of predicament. It will be best for you to relieve yourself from such sticky situation before appearing for the GATE exam.

Here’s the list top 5 Myths that you should ignore while preparing for the GATE Exam.

Top 5 Myths of GATE Exam

  1. Tough Nut to Crack

Fact: If you are thinking that exam is going to be tough because it is conducted at the national level, then you are wrong. The question asked in GATE exam is completely conceptual. So, all you need is to understand the basic of each subject.

Through GATE coaching classes, you will understand the question pattern asked in the GATE exam. Based on that concept, IES coaching or Coaching For GATE prepare their courses and test series for all the aspirants.

  1. Need to attempt all question to secure good marks

Fact: There is a big misconception in the aspirants’ mind that one need to attempt all the questions in order to crack GATE exam. This is because there is negative marking in the GATE papers. It simply means for each wrong attempt, you will lose one fourth of marks from the marks you secured from the right attempt.

That’s why every GATE Coaching Centres assist their students rather than attempting all question, try to solve as much question as possible but with accuracy.

  1. Devote whole day for the preparation

Fact: No need to spend whole day in studying. Just spend 8 hours a day in order to prepare well for the GATE exam. But, it doesn’t mean you should ignore other things of your life. Spending 8 hours with full dedication and focus is more than enough for securing good marks.

  1. Need to study all the subjects of their graduation

Fact: No need to study all the subjects, stick around the GATE syllabus and focus first on high weight-age topics. If join IES Coaching, then there you will learn about the systematically and strategically study plan need for the preparation of GATE. Otherwise based on your capability and capacity to learn, you can do it by yourself as well.

  1. Solve almost all sample papers

Fact: No need to solve tons of sample papers. You have to focus completely on GATE syllabus and core branch paper for better performance in the exam. Solving previous year question papers or attempting online mock test should be well balanced with the GATE syllabus.

Both are equally important to secure higher marks in the GATE 2019 exam.

GATE exam actually test the clarity of concepts and their application of the subject candidates study in their graduation.

Hence to crack GATE exam, all you need is focus, determination and proper planning.

These factors are the main key to crack any competitive examination including GATE.

So, never give up! Keep Trying

Wish you Good Luck!!!

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